Diabetic Foot

 “I am 56-years-old and I have type 2 diabetes. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetic Foot with necrotic ulcer of left thumb. It was explained to me that due to the high level of glucose in my blood, it would be difficult to treat my wound. It was terrible to realize that I may lose my finger or even more, my foot.

Then my doctor, Dr. Khoshgadam Ibadova recommended that I try light therapy in combination with the rest of the medical treatment strategy. To be honest I felt very skeptical in the beginning, how just light may be helpful, however there were nothing to lose. I was really surprised when after 1 month, daily 10 minute applications of light therapy with BIOPTRON Pro 1 there was valuable and visible positive results. The necrotic ulcer of my thumb started to heal. After 3 months, a local application with BIOPTRON Pro 1 completely healed the wounds. Thanks to my doctor and BIOPTRON I could treat my finger and save my foot”.

Chronic Disease, Diabetic Foot
“I’m 65 years old. In this age people don’t believe in miracles. Two years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and doctors found gangrene on my hallux, (big toe). My fellow patients in the hospital told me that the hallux was just the beginning and that the process could affect the other toes and the foot itself. I was so upset and full of pain and horror.
At home, my daughter-in-law brought BIOPTRON and told me that it was able to help the healing of the wounds. I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t want to offend my daughter-in-law and started to treat my wound with BIOPTRON. After the treatments I felt great pain relief.
After 4 months of BIOPTRON treatment my wound was healed. My doctor was surprised and said that I was lucky, that only in 1 case from 10 the wound after ablation healed with diabetes and at my age. But I know and believe that the miracle happened thanks to the healing light of BIOPTRON”.

Foot saved: After 4 months of BIOPTRON therapy

55 year old male. Liver Cancer.

55 year old male. Liver Cancer (advanced). Right lower back pain & sciatica. Unable to sleep, worried. Daily 30 minutes (Bioptron) treatment to lower right lumbar region. Relief of pain after first treatment, able to walk more upright. Slept much better during treatment sessions. In-between chemotherapy – desperate for Bioptron after a break of 4 days of chemotherapy and bed rest at home. Great relief to this very ill patient.

32 year old male. Ribs right side. Complained of poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing. (very into healthy lifestyle). Only 3 x 30 minute treatments to site of injury. Slept better even after one treatment. Much better in 3 days. Good results even with sinus pain.

Sue Kozlowski, Health Pharmacy

Herpes, Cold Sores
“The most striking effect of BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy application I got in the treatment of herpes on the lips.
 The eruptions healed much faster than after only conventional treatment with Acyclovir (ointment and tablets), but I continued to apply BIOPTRON within 10 days, morning and evening. The Herpes has gone seriously and for the long haul, whereas previously it showed itself with every slight cold. In general, I use BIOPTRON constantly, because at my age (64 years), I have problems with joints and I try to take care of my facial skin”.
Burn Injury

“My name is Cristian Ileana and I am 76 years-old from Romania. I had a domestic accident and severely burned my lips and 80% of the oral cavity. I had the BIOPTRON Pro 1 device with the Color Therapy filters at home already so I began treatment. Since it was Saturday I thought that it would be very hard to find somebody to consult me at the hospital. At first, I used BIOPTRON with the blue light and an hour later, I used the yellow light. For the third session, another hour later, I used BIOPTRON without the Color therapy. I repeated the sessions, every hour, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday thus reaching a number of 30 sessions (I also used the Oxy Sterile Spray before the light therapy). After 3 days I was 90% healed. I am thrilled to have this wonderful product at home”.

Leg Pain
“I use BIOPTRON almost every day.
 It means a lot to me, and I use it to treat knee pain. Thanks to these treatments, I don’t have any problems with my knees during the day. When I miss one treatment, I feel the consequences, which indicates that the BIOPTRON treatment is very valuable. I also used it when I had a minor surgery, after which I recovered very fast and there were no scars”.
Mgr. Markéta Koutná
“I have been using with success BIOPTRON light therapy for 10 years to treat my patients.
 During that time light therapy was indicated to hundreds of patients; for example, for the treatment of leg ulcers or various surface lesions. I became acquainted with BIOPTRON in 2006 at the EWMA International Wound Management Conference and I had been asked to try BIOPTRON Pro 1 to treat my heel spur. Soon after that, we began using the lamp to treat our patients in the Wound Management Consultancy Office in Prague, and as early as one month in, we were able to conclude objectively – we had had a very good way of comparison with a control group of patients not treated in this way – that light therapy had positive effects in the treatment of patients with leg sores. It is scientifically proven that wounds caused by leg ulcers are the most painful ones. Even burns are in second place in terms of pain. That is because pain caused by leg ulcers is very strong and continual. BIOPTRON can reduce to some extent the level of pain and render relief in those cases. Besides, if patients with this problem have and use regularly the lamps also at their homes, the therapeutic and analgesic effects are even more prominent. Leg ulcers were the most frequently treated disease in the Wound Management Consultancy Office; now, in the Strahov Wound Healing Out-Patient Office, we do not differentiate BIOPTRON lamp indications by wound kinds, we have even begun using light therapy also in the environs of ischemic wounds. Furthermore, we use light therapy to treat various surface lesions, which is a summary name for bruises and surface wounds. In the case of surface lesions, the lamp’s great advantage is that it can be used also during the night, when patients sleep. Most recently, we would like to begin using BIOPTRON at our department for the prevention of bedsores. Our patients, in all age categories, respond to BIOPTRON only in a positive way. They even want to be informed in detail about its effects, and as soon as they try it practically on themselves, they wish to have BIOPTRON at home. In my opinion, for example, all wheelchair users should have their lamps at home as a standard, because bedsores are their life-long issue and light therapy both helps cure and prevent them. In this group, phototherapy should be a usual part of their personal hygiene, which should be completed with lighting on the buttocks region, to improve the skin quality on those exposed parts and prevent possible complications. Light therapy promotes collagen formation and, consequently, the skin quality. Time is the most important factor for leg ulcer treatment – BIOPTRON should be applied for at least 20 minutes and repeated on a regular basis for several months”.
Atopic Dermatitis

 “I have been suffering from atopic dermatitis for more than 10 years. I had tried all possible means – drugs, emollients, anti-allergic drugs, alternative medicine – homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, medicine cosmetics, bath therapies with Dead sea salts. When I tried healing therapeutic sessions with BIOPTRON, my life changed completely. I had been doing therapeutic sessions in the morning for 8-10 minutes. The positive effect of applying the light therapy started be visible about 3 months after the beginning of therapeutic sessions. The skin became soothed, the redden areas were reduced, the skin was no more scaly and cracked. The wounds started healing and any new episodes had not arisen”.


I am very satisfied with the results of the treatment.

I am very satisfied with the results of the treatment. I have a cracked S1 Vertebrae and degeneration of the rest up to L5. The Bioptron has saved me trom a certain back fusion operations two years ago.

Thank you very much

Three months of using the BIOPTRON Compact lamp

In three months of using the BIOPTRON Compact lamp :

1. A gum infection, which doctors wanted to operate on, is 85% better

2. A developing pain on one side of the joint of the jaw has been improved by 90%

3. A hard lump on the side of the knee has gotten a lot smaller and softer

4. Bruises on the hand healed and disappeared much faster


 “After only 5 days of BIOPTRON light therapy, I have noticed a difference on my face, as reddness was reduced drastically and acne started to recede. I continued using Bioptron at home and after three weeks, my face has completely cleared.”

Client of Dr. Miloš Mladenović


 After examination by a doctor, Mrs. Vicenová was diagnosed with an infection in the tendons in both arms. However, there was no treatment for a breastfeeding mother. The doctor prescribed ten magnetotherapy sessions, however the pain got worse. Mrs. Vicenová was prescribed immobilisers for her arms, which she slept in.
“The pain became more persistent and more unpleasant. It ran from my thumb, across the inner side of my wrist to the middle of my forearm. Any movement with my thumb, in particular if it required strength, was very painful and became impossible.
Completely ordinary, everyday activities, such as unlocking a door, opening a glass, putting my hair in a band, holding a four-kilo child in one hand or putting a pram into the car caused me pain. I was completely unable to bathe my daughter, because I couldn’t hold her head above the water for a couple of minutes. The nights were the worst, my fingers swelled up and the pain woke me up.
“One night on the Internet on a discussion forum I found out that BIOPTRON light therapy could help with this type of problem. I felt slight relief after 14 days. After about one month I stopped wearing the immobilisers during the day and only kept them on at night. Nobody can imagine the feeling of happiness when I could finally hold my daughter without it hurting me and without being worried I would drop her. I would never have believed that such permanent pain could worsen the quality of life and how huge the relief is when you get rid of the pain. And also with the knowledge that I didn’t burden my body with any chemicals, or any drugs that would have side effects on me and the quality of my mother’s milk, and therefore the health of my child. I can only recommend BIOPTRON light therapy to everybody. It really helped me a lot” – Mrs. Gabriela Vicenová.

I have used the Bioptron Light source form more than twelve years

I have used the Bioptron Light source form more than twelve years in my cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients and I believe that Bioptron is a great asset in my practice. T has a soothing effect on the patients and the operation site and reduces the swelling as well as the bruising at a far faster rate than normal. Dr Miroslav Colic first introduced the concept to me at an international conference and he has reported both in textbooks and in peer reviewed journals about his experience

I use it immediately after an operation for 10 minutes on each side and then at each following appointment I recommend the Bioptron treatment for up to 20 minutes.

I know of people who have their own Bioptron hand-held devices which they use as part of their antiaging routine.

The advantage of the Bioptron is that it is light without UV rays and minimum blue rays and concentrates mainly on the beneficial rays towards the red spectrum. This light seems to fascinate the activity of the mitochondria which are the “power-stations” of our cells.

Your sincerely

Pain & discomfort in knee joints

BIOPTRON is my big help in reducing the pain & discomfort in my knee joints, and in soothing the leg cramps that sometimes go with it. You feel it after 10 min application.

Thank you so much for the excellent service with purchasing our Bioptron light.

Thank you so much for the excellent service with purchasing our Bioptron light. We are loving it, and so are our clients. I already have a few great testimonies to share. My husband couldn’t speak last night because of a strep throat condition, after 2 treatments last night and another 2 this morning he is up and Adam again.
One of my herbal medicine suppliers had accidently washed his contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide instead of the contact lense solution, his eye was blood shot, swollen, and very sore when he got to me yesterday. After 2 x 10 minute treatments with the light all the puffiness was gone, the redness completely disappeared, all pain and burning and irritation was gone. Amazing! It would have taken me 2 hour treatment WITH medication to get him sorted without the lamp!
Another 65 year old client came to me with both ears blocked , in pain and with otitis getting worse. After a ittle bit of Acupuncure treatment and 2 sessions of light therapy on each ear, both ears popped open, the pain was gone, when she wanted to stop taking her pharmaceutical ear drops I told her to go back to her medical dr, and ask him if she could stop taking the drops- without telling him she had the light therapy. She did so, and the doctor said for her not to continue with the drops since, amazingly, the symptoms disappeared.
The list continues. A young woman with bad acne had miraculous results with 3 sessions of the light therapy in one day, and 2 sessions on her ankle where she had lots of pain and her foot was swollen, the lump and swelling disappeared and she has no pain.


 “With more than 25 years experience in treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions including sports injuries, only with BIOPTRON, I have achieved excellent results in the treatment of many of my patients. The accelerated and complete wound healing effects of BIOPTRON Light Therapy is associated with immediate and effective pain relief by improving blood supply, relieving muscle spasm and reducing pain signals. BIOPTRON helps my patients to recover quickly and safely and to prevent recurrence or re-injury with lasting effect”.

Scars disappeared completely

I have Osteoarthritis. As a result, I’ve had two hip replacements, two shoulder, and a knee operation. The worse are my thumbs, the pain can drive you up the wall. But since I got the Bioptron machine my life is bearable.

My Grandson fell on his face and had two scars. I used the Bioptron on him and the scars disappeared completely. My daughter had toothache and used the machine – three months later and still no toothache.

I would strongly recommend the Bioptron machine to any person. You can really use it for so many purposes.

It is a blessing.

I treated my Sister’s varicose veins by applying the Bioptron

I treated my Sister’s varicose veins by applying the Bioptron directly to the veins on her legs. She had 2 treatments per day for about 4-5 days. The doctors had treated her and wanted to operate, but she refused to go to hospital. Within a few days the problem had become so much better that she doesn’t have any pain and the large bulges had diminished considerably. Unfortunately, I do not stay near enough to keep the treatment up and therefore it has not disappeared. I’m confident that with regular treatment, it would disappear. It is no longer inflamed and hard, but became soft.

My husband was becoming bald at the back of his head. I find that a bigger machine would give better results in this case, but even with the small one, the baldness is disappearing. He doesn’t sit under the Bioptron regularly and neither can he accurately pin down the spot, yet the patch is disappearing.

I’ve had problems with allergies since a child. My very sensitive nose always blocks up quickly in Autumn and spring. As soon as this starts I use the Bioptron for quick relief. Once again, when it subsides, I stop the treatment – therefore it has not been overcome. Maybe it’s because of our hectic lifestyle. The moment one feels better, you tend to use the Bioptron for something else.

I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for 4 years

I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for 4 years. After using the Bioptron System for just 3 weeks, the problem has disappeared. I used it for ten minutes, twice daily. Previously I had to go on lengthy courses of anti-biotics which later did not help at all. Thanks Bioptron and Gary for this wonderful product. Friends of mine have also benefited from treatments



General feeling of warmth and wellbeing on face

Vitiligo on left eyebrow plus right hairline gone (recent blemishes)

Mole on right cheek seems to flatten

Skin on face starts to smooth out

Right and left hand – less visible white patches

White “collar” around neck also improved even though no lamp was put on it got hurt on right wrist – put lamp on three times – pain gone

My name is Nafeesa Salie

My name is Nafeesa Salie and I have a great belief in Bioptron.

These are my reason why:

I had a knee injury 16 months ago, spent over R10,000-00. I had to resign from work because I could no longer stand on my feet until I met Mr Nebojsa Stojanovic the Managing Director of Bioptron. He came to my home and did a demonstration on my knee; I was so impressed and then bought myself the Bioptron Lamp.

This lamp is amazing. With in the first week I could feel the difference in my knees. I used to sit on a chair because I could not bend. Within one month I started kneeling, running, etc. All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes of your time daily to apply the lamp to the injured area. Bioptron Light Therapy is really amazing I will recommend this product to anyone.

My daughter fell off a 3m wall and I managed to heel her within a short period with the Bioptron Lamp.

It is really, really wonderful. I no longer attend the doctor Bioptron does it all.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Swiss technology helps Hunter on road to recovery

Modern athletes leave no stone unturned on their Road to recovery from jury and South Africa’s Robert hunter is no exception.

Hunter broke his hand in a skirmish with motorist a week ago and had to undergo surgery on the hand for a plate to be inserted.

His hand is still heavily swollen, but with a new Swiss healing lamp he has acquired he is very happy with his progress on the road to full recovery.

“The lamp regenerates cells,” explains Hunter. “ I simply place it under the light for a while every day and it speeds up recovery.”

Hunter isn’t training as much as he’d like at the moment, courtesy of his sensitive hand. “ I’m putting in three hours a day at moment just to keep going. I can train longer, but the risk is that my other muscles end up compensating because I don’t put pressure on my hand or grab the handlebars. That could lead to all sorts of other complications down the line,” he says.

Fortunately Hunter has time on his side with this season only kicking into gear with the start of the spring classics at the end of March with Milan San Remo.

“the Rocker” is very much known as tough customer, and there iv very little chance of injured hand influencing his season negatively. If anything, it might save him from falling into trap of overtraining at this early stage in this season.

Two years ago, when he became the first south African to ride in the Tour de France, he fractured a rib in a bad crash on the first stage of a premier European tour, but continued riding for another week in the event.

He eventually collapsed in the bath one night and then only was the bruised rib diagnosed.

He consequently spent a couple of weeks off and it only left him with six weeks to prepare before the start of the Tour de Suisse – directly after which the Tour de France awaited.

In seex weeks he trained and got himself ready for the biggest event in his life up to that point and went on to rewrite the history books for south Africa.

What this leads one to believe, is that a broken bone in his hand Is likely to fade away into insignificance as the season progresses.

Arthritis pain

I have been suffering from arthritis pain for more than 10 years. As per dr’s recommendation I started to use BIOPTRON Light twice a day for 10 min. I realized the positive effect on my pain from the first treatment. At the same time it is nonpharmacological therapy, safe & comfortable. I was able to start a normal life again! Show less

Whilst visiting Mt Maunganui I visited The Souvenir Shop

Whilst visiting Mt Maunganui I visited The Souvenir Shop, I Picked up a brochure on the Bioptron Light off the counter spoke to Patricia Mcclintock about the treatments, Suffering with degeneration of the lower spine and Arthristis and having cronic pain which has caused me to have to wear a Tens machine for the pain. I decided to try the treatments.

After the first treatment I had absolutely no pain what so ever and continued the treatments for a further 7 days with great success. I suffered pain day and night never without it for months, Now I could jump over the moon.

I also suffer with Phorisis in many parts of my body and the short 6 days of treatments have made a vast improvement on the look of that also. I would fully recommend the Bioptron light treatments to any person with any problems at all.

Yours sincerely

I was bitten by dogs

I was bitten by dogs and after 8 days my wounds were still wet and not looking good at all, and I decided to use the Light on the wounds and I could not believe it. By the end of the day my wounds showed clear signs of drying and by the next day there was a hard crust and it itched as the healing was taking place. I really believe in this wonderful Light.

Keloids comes severe pain and redness

Along with the embarrassment of having keloids comes severe pain and redness. It came to a point where I was desperate to (find a solution) so I went to a specialist to try to prevent the keloids returning. The cost was R 10000-00 but no guarantee that it would be 100% effective.

We looked for a second opinion. My grandmother had heard of this machine that cured hundreds of things with the use of light therapy. We got in touch with an agent and bought a Bioptron machine.

The Bioptron hasn’t made them go away, but with extensive use the keloids might disappear. It has however reduced the pain & the redness has faded. I use the Bioptron on any small breakouts I have and within 3-4 days the pimple has reduced.

I am not proud to admit that for over 60 (sixty) years

I am not proud to admit that for over 60 (sixty) years, I was not aware that:

a) Swollen feet
b) Pains in joints, muscle cramps, rheumatism and fibrositis can be relieved by proper blood circulation.

I shudder to think back on my endless hours of suffering all because I have never been informed of the true facts. 3 weeks ago I was introduced to a BIOPTRON Light Therapy system whereupon I took daily 40 minutes of accumulative treatment per day over a 10 day period. The results were as follows:

a) Hard lumps of blood in my varicose veins became soft.
b) Tiny veins, which made my legs black in colour, disappeared along with recurring muscle cramps.
c) The unbearable pain in the lower part of my back, when I try to walk up straight, is no more.
d) My constant headaches, which caused me to take 3 to 4 Grandpa powders per day, have eased off tremendously.
e) For 40 years the skin colour in my lower legs and feet were a blackish grey. Well, today my skin colour has turned back to normal matching that of my upper legs.

My advice to all pain sufferers is NOT TO ACCEPT PAIN and live without it by getting a demonstration of the BIOPTRON machine immediately.

‘Even though I am a radiologist and I passed a laser therapy exam, I have never learned at school about BIOPTRON light therapy.
Of course, I knew about the effects and use of light in medicine, but for a long time I had no idea that some light therapy device suitable for home use and patented was available on the market. After my son was born, I borrowed a BIOPTRON device to try it. After several applications, I was amazed to find out that this Swiss miracle was able to wonderfully cure the chronic cold of my son. When he was asleep, I always pointed the light beam onto his nasal root for 2-3 minutes and the result was immediate. To this day, when he is asleep and feels the light, he automatically turns so that the BIOPTRON light reach him as much as possible. BIOPTRON worked well on my son’s chronic cold, cough, tonsils, herpes cold sores (both small and large), canker sores, pain relief from gingivitis and ear infection (swollen ears after swimming in a pool), scratches, different purulent matters, hives all over his back.
My son’s really big medical problem was his enlarged adenoids and tonsils. In the spring of 2011, the doctors told us that my son would have to have his adenoids and tonsils removed within six months. However, my son got herpes on the surgery day and therefore the surgery had to be postponed for three months. The doctor prescribed him a medication to boost his immune system. In addition, we applied BIOPTRON to his adenoids and tonsils every day for 12 weeks. After the treatment, we went for a checkup. The attending doctor had to consult another doctor because he could not believe that it was the same child and the same adenoids and tonsils. In the end, my son did not have to have any surgery because his adenoids and tonsils were completely healed. I know for sure that it was not only thanks to the prescribed medication but mainly thanks to BIOPTRON because my son had already used the prescribed medication to boost his immunity system before, but without BIOPTRON, and his adenoids and tonsils did not improve very much back then. BIOPTRON also works wonderfully on herpes. When you apply it, you can immediately see the herpes disappear. I use BIOPTRPN on small starting herpes for no more than five minutes and on big oozing herpes for ten minutes. I regularly use the BIOPTRON Pro 1 light therapy device on e.g. my sore cervical spine (I have dislocation of the first cervical vertebra), for stomach and abdominal pain, on sore knees, veins, tendons, bronchi (when I apply the light therapy device to my chest, I really feel a huge relief), the neck (I often suffer from nasopharyngitis), for colds and on old fractures (I have a total of 15 fractures on both arms and when the weather changes, these old fractures hurt). From my own experience, I can also confirm that light therapy is wonderful for mental relaxation, relief, anti-stress and helps with anxiety and fear attacks. BIOPTRON is a small miracle and I would definitely recommend it to everybody, especially to parents with small children and anyone who suffers from chronic pain’.
Stress Fracture, Pelvic Skeleton
| 14/11/2013. MONACO |
 “I consulted sports physician Mr. VERTONGEN to assist my recovery of a stress fracture in the pelvic skeleton. He used BIOPTRON during ten sessions of 20 minutes (one session per day) together with manual “hands-on” treatment to treat the fracture. I am convinced that this natural medical light therapy treatment gave me relief from pain and accelerated the healing process much faster without anti-inflammatory medications. This all meant that I could restart my everyday training a lot quicker. I am now using BIOPTRON at home to prevent sports injuries”.
Anti-Aging, Anti Wrinkle
“I use BIOPTRON whenever I can, both for cosmetic purposes and for sore throat, low immune system etc.
 “I use BIOPTRON whenever I can, both for cosmetic purposes and for sore throat, low immune system etc. Since I am not a fan of surgery, I always try to remove any new wrinkle on my face in a natural way. I have noticed that if I regularly use light therapy, the mimic wrinkles on the face and forehead are reduced. In that way, the natural colagen synthesis is stimulated. I would like to have a big BIOPTRON, so that I can treat the whole face at once. After a very strong anesthesia, I was unable to open my mouth and to eat for three weeks. Eventually, I remembered to treat this spot with BIOPTRON and after only 48 hours, all my muscles were relieved and I returned to my everyday engagements”.
Anti Wrinkle
“BIOPTRON is used by the whole family.
 It has been our domestic doctor since the first day we bought it and thanks to it we manage our health problems without having to visit doctors or take medicines.
We use it mostly for treatment of minor injuries and burns as it accelerates the healing process. A few days ago, I cut myself with a very sharp knife so badly I thought I would not make it without seeing the doctor. And believe it or not, BIOPTRON did an excellent job! Today, I don´t even recognize where the wound was.
My husband is a passionate football player and every now and then he suffers from joint pain. After BIOPTRON application, the pain goes away and joints have better mobility. Every time we get colds or sinuses inflammation, we use BIOPTRON. I get rid of a sinusitis within 2-3 days, while normally it takes 7 days.
Since the day I learned that BIOPTRON is also efficient in prevention of aging, I use it for this purpose as well. I try to steal a moment for myself every evening to apply BIOPTRON light on my face. To enhance its anti-aging effects I also use SWISSO LOGICAL cosmetic products. The compliments I frequently receive are the best proof of its unprecedented effects. BIOPTRON is used by the whole family of ours. Recently, I lent it to my daughter-in-law and I have to admit, I missed it a lot”.
Gum Disease
“My name is Mrs. Kamala Mamedova from Azerbaijan and I am 52 years old. I want to share my personal experience in the use of BIOPTRON for periodontal disease, (gum disease).
 The last few years I periodically had trouble with my teeth. My stomatologist explained to me that I have periodontal diseases, which range from simple gum inflammation to serious disease that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. In the worst case, I could lose my teeth. I was regularly visiting my stomatologist and continuously getting treatment, but could not get a continuous positive result.
Then I heard about light therapy treatment in stomatology from one of my friends and discussed it with my stomatologist. Actually he did not have any experience of using light therapy for that moment. I agreed with my stomatologist to try light therapy and we started to get light with BIOPTRON MedAll, 2 times per day for 5 minutes. After 4 days, we noticed the positive dynamic. Then in 10 days my problem was totally cleared up. My stomatologist was also surprised with results. Thanks to BIOPTRON Med All, now I can prevent my oral cavity from any diseases”.
Eye Wound

“The eye wound was caused during a fall over a hard object, (dining table). The patient aged 10, was treated with BIOPTRON Pro1 for one week, 10 minutes a day, with only the medical filter. After 7 days, there was a visible and substantial reduction in swelling, redness and bruising”.

I underwent major brain surgery

I have written this in the hope that those who need healing, pampering and/or therapy will go to Complete Therapy, and will be helped.

I underwent major brain surgery. On Wednesday 8 August I was discharged from hospital, needing to return after two days, as my stitches weren’t ready to be removed. Two days later, Friday, my stitches remained. My wound had not closed. I had to repeat my returning to hospital on Monday. Hopefully, then, they’d be removed.

Meanwhile, on Friday, when I arrived home with my Mom, I shared my desire to look at the building next door to our flat, where my Mother was going to work as a Therapeutic Reflexologist. Feeling well enough, we walked to the place. There I met Carol Stuart, the part owner of the business. She took me on a guided tour. In one of the rooms, Carol showed me a lamp, which is specifically used for healing. She explained that the light helped with scarring, enabling wounds to heal properly (amongst other healing qualities). Sharing this new knowledge, my Mom and I returned home.

Monday arrived. My stitches were removed. However, parts of the wound were still open. The thought of something like my skull and brains splattering on the floor was bizarre, yet freaky. In spite of having been given an antibiotic cream to prevent infection, I had to stop using it because I became allergic. Anxious about my wound and the dreadful idea of it giving problems, I remembered the light therapy. With the consent of my surgeon, I went to complete therapy, where I had five BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatments. After five days my wound had healed comfortably and completely.

I hope that other people will be inspired to try Complete Therapy. I hope, too, that they will also be satisfied as I, myself, was and am.

I have had excellent results with Bioptron.

I have had excellent results with Bioptron. I have used it on ACNE patients and together with the right products and light therapy, their skin has improved dramatically. As a result they have purchased the Compact III to use in the comfort of their home.

I have used it on patients with PINK EYE, SINUSITIS, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHES, SPRAINED ANKLES, ARTHRITIS, LUPUS, BURN-OUT, etc. Clients have felt so much better after the use of the light that most of them come on a regular basis for treatment and many have purchased the lamp to use at home.

I have also used the lamp on dehydrated, neglected skin to improve absorption of skin care products with incredible results.

I believe that every household should have a Bioptron. Children love using it and it definitely has accelerated healing.

Lindsay Burns had been suffering for the last 15 hours

Lindsay Burns had been suffering for the last 15 hours with severe SINUS congestion and inflammation of the facial nerve. The right side of her face was numb and her mouth was pulling to one side – she was finding it difficult to speak properly.

I treated for 16 minutes with the BIOPTRON PRO at a distance of 12-15 cm. During the treatment she experienced a pins & needles sensation in her mouth and she felt the right side of her face relax. Immediately after the treatment she said the feeling had returned to the right side of her face and she could speak normally.

I have found this Bioptron light source to be beneficial in healing processes

Due to my studies, I have found this Bioptron light source to be beneficial in healing processes.

My first patient has a skin condition on her hands and feet where the epithelial cells mutate as they regenerate, leaving a condition similar to Psoriasis in appearance. The light source, together with the topical prescribed, reduced the swelling, inflammation, and returned 60% of the tissue to normal. It was recommended that she bought her own light source to use indefinitely.

Patients treated for surgical scar reduction showed promoted healing with minimal scar tissue.

Phlebotic patients showed reduced swelling.

X Doctor’s testimonial on the use of Bioptron Hyperlight
Several clinics, hospitals and private practitioners throughout the world are using the latest fullerene technology by Bioptron due to its effectiveness and safety.
Several clinics, hospitals and private practitioners throughout the world are using the latest fullerene technology by Bioptron due to its effectiveness and safety. One of them is Dr. Leonova, who has been using Bioptron light therapy on her patients for over 24 years. She reported a significant improvement in the treatment of paresis (partial loss or impairment of voluntary movement) of facial nerves, arthritis, arthrosis, abscesses, wounds, ulcers, obliterating endarteritis (inflammation of the inner lining of an artery, resulting in the occlusion of the artery) and angiopathies (disease of the blood vessels) in patients with diabetes.
She has observed a faster wound healing with the use of fullerene technology, especially in trophic ulcers, compared to standard Bioptron medical filter.
In this clinical case, Dr. Leonova treated a 27-year-old patient with purulent wound on the inner side of the hip after unsuccessful phlebectomy (a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small scalpel or needle to remove varicose veins that lie just beneath the surface of the skin) in the groin. She treated the wound with Bioptron Hyperlight therapy by using the fullerene filter for 20 minutes, 4 times per day, until the wound was healed (after 20 days of treatment).
After 15 days of treatment, the healing effect all along the wound was evident. The superficial region of the wound was completely healed. The deepest region of the wound was improved on the borders as well as the edema. The inflammation was decreased. The newly-formed scar had better esthetic appearance, while the regenerated skin was healthy – elasticity was restored and there was no abnormal scarring.
The fullerene filter is the latest and most innovative technology by Bioptron. An increasing number of medical professionals testify from their experience to the fantastic, unique results in the treatment of various medical conditions.
Wound healing of a dressage pony

Mrs. Lydecken is owner of a pony called Angel. Earlier this year, on 20.01.2020, an accident happened in Angel’s stable and she was found with her leg stuck between the door in her box early in the morning. After freeing her leg, a large, horrific wound was revealed. No one believed she would be able to get well again.

Treatment and methodology:

The leg was immediately operated and a week later additional proceedings were made at the Viik University Animal Hospital in Finland. At first the leg was put in bandages and kept in them for one week. Then the bandages were changed every three days. After 2 weeks all the bandages were removed. From that time on Mrs. Lydecken started to apply the BIOPTRON hyperlight therapy on the pony’s leg twice a day for 10 minutes during 1 month. Afterwards the treatment time was reduced to once per day for 10 minutes during 3 months period. Up to today, Angel is still treated every three days for 10 minutes.

Last year I purchased a Bioptron Light Therapy

Last year I purchased a Bioptron Light Therapy after a brief demonstration of the product.

The purchase was initially for use on an injured horse, which had been diagnosed as having a severe joint injury to the lower front leg, resulting in RING BONE.

The prognosis was that the horse would no longer be able to jump and should be retired or put down, as he would ultimately become un-ridable.

We treated the leg with the Bioptron for six months, with miraculous results.

Today, the horse continues to jump in competitions, and is ridden every day. He has no sign of lameness, considering that no drugs or ointments were used during or after the treatment.

I can only deduce that the Bioptron proved to be all it was sold as.

Thank you for a great product.


Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer

A 58 years old woman suffered for over five years from poor management of her venous problems.

Five years ago, the patient had a piece of skin removed that was pre-cancerous and located on the heel. Unfortunately, after the surgery the site healed poorly. Even a skin transplantation was tried but without success.

She came to my clinic with, aside from having this scar on the heel, the following conditions:
The large vein in the leg, responsible for the circulation of the blood in the foot, seemed shortened. Also, some parts of the smaller vein in the foot area were leaking. On both lower legs were so-called lymphedema, bottlenecks of the lymph system that led to swelling of the skin.

Treatment and methodology:
Under my supervision the woman underwent a specific treatment: it consisted of a combination of carboxy, PRP and BIOPTRON Hyperlight treatment.

The treatment with BIOPTRON was done for 15 min per day for 6 days per week over a duration of 11 weeks.

The results after 3 months were amazing: After the BIOPTRON + PRP + carboxy treatment, the lesion is completely closed and healed.

The above mentioned conditions (shortage of large vein in leg, leaking of small vein in foot, lymphedema) turned out to be favorably affected as well. Moreover, there was no sign of a vein inflammation, which is most likely due to the anti-inflammatory effect of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy.

This case is a remarkable evidence of the powerful effect of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy, as mono or supporting treatment that can help even in cases that had not cured for years.

I suffer from knee aches after an intense cycling

I often suffer from knee aches after an intense cycling training session or race. I was introduced to the BIOPTRON Lamp which relieved my symptoms dramatically after only 8 minutes per knee. I was also suffering from a groin and hamstring injury. I used the lamp for a week on these areas…… it cleared the inflammation and I was injury free after one week!

I would definitely recommend the BIOPTRON Lamp for any sports related injury or aches and pains after racing or training session.

Poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing

32 year old male. Ribs right side. Complained of poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing. (very into healthy lifestyle). Only 3 x 30 minute treatments to site of injury. Slept better even after one treatment. Much better in 3 days. Good results even with sinus pain.

I started wearing LightWear glasses mainly at a computer

I started wearing LightWear glasses mainly at a computer and at working with documents. I noticed that right away my permanent tension-type aches was borne much easier and disappeared at all to the end of the month. Before I had to take NSAIDs and muscle relaxants quite often.

Working at a computer became much more comfortable with the glasses, especially I was surprised by the effect of the disappearance of glare from bright light sources, even I was able to work sitting against the sunlight from the window. Labor productivity has been improved significantly, a feeling of liveliness and strength is preserved by eight in the evening, I can concentrate on important things. The LightWear glassed increased quality of life and comfort at work.

Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Maxim Baryshev

Minimize the signs of aging
I have such great results
I use BIOPTRON Light therapy to minimize the signs of aging. I noticed my fine lines & wrinkles are removed for younger looking skin. I have such great results & use it on daily bases.
Polarized Light and orange Filter in Children after Burns, Egypt, 2018
A study from a research group of Cairo University investigated the effect of the combination of Bioptron medical polarized polychromatic light and Bioptron`s orange filter on children (aged 3-7 years of age) after a burn to the hands and wrists.

A study from a research group of Cairo University investigated the effect of the combination of Bioptron medical polarized polychromatic light and Bioptron`s orange filter on children (aged 3-7 years of age) after a burn to the hands and wrists. This randomized controlled study investigated 30 children: 15 children with scar standard management (ultrawaves, massage & mobility exercises) and 15 children who were additionally treated for 15 min with BIOPTRON medical polychromatic polarized light, followed by 15 min with the orange filter from BIOPTRON’s color therapy set. The BIOPTRON treated children received medical polarized light 3 times/week for one month. The scars were assessed before treatment and after 1 month and compared to the children in the standard scar management group. Scar assessment included scores for vascularity, pigmentation, height/thickness and pliability. The children treated with BIOPTRON medical light therapy showed significant improvements in the scar assessment compared to standard scar management alone. Ultimately, the authors concluded that BIOPTRON polychromatic and the orange filtered polarized light have a special and beneficial effect on decreasing pediatric scars after burns.

Available Reference upon Request:
Nesrein A. Abd Elrashid NA, Sanad DA, Mahmoud NF, Hamada HA, Abdelmoety AM, Kenawy AM. Effect of orange polarized light on post burn pediatric scar: a single blind randomized clinical trial. J Phy Ther Sci. 2018. 30: 1227–1231,

Severe acne, scarring.


Severe acne, scarring. Was on ROACCUTAN for a year with no results.
We combined 20 mins of BIOPTRON with Regima skin peels.

Total Bioptron treatments : 14
Total peel treatments : 6
over a twelve week period.

Incredible! 50-60% improvement of skin. Skin is not so tender. Pimples & scarring greatly reduced.


I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which is successfully being treated by Dr C Jadin a Specialist in this field. I’ve had this disorder for over 20 years, causing many other problems along the way and having endless tests and seeing many doctors.<BR/><BR/>

One of the problems it has left me with is a dysfunctional immune system: Auto-immune disorder causing ALL my joints to swell; weakened immune system; bad circulation; hair loss; allergies; headaches; lethargy – I can go on and on.<BR/>

Dr C Jadin encouraged me to buy the Bioptron as it would enhance her treatment. I obeyed doctor’s orders and have been using the Bioptron for 2 months now with amazing results. My bad circulation, hair loss, allergies, sinus are something of the past. In 4 months time when the blood tests for the auto-immune are done, we’ll be able to then only tell how the Bioptron has lowered the count.<BR/>

I must add that I religiously use the Bioptron 2 x daily and am reaping the rewards.

X Dentistry, Dental Implants
“I applied BIOPTRON to relieve severe edema and inflammation and reduce pain after surgery of simultaneous implantation of two dental implants.
 I used BIOPTRON for the area of the implanted teeth for 10 minutes every hour during one day. Implantation of the dental implants went well. After the doctor, who made the operation, saw the result, he started to recommend the use of BIOPTRON to other patients”.
Hair Care, Alopecia, Hair Loss

“I’ve been using the BIOPTRON device for the treatment of such a serious disease like alopecia, when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles.

In 2013, I developed a special methodology for the treatment of alopecia and I successfully apply this methodology nowadays. The treatment was based on the following properties of BIOPTRON Light Therapy: improving microcirculation, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effects, revitalizing and a mild stimulating effect on hair growth. Strengthening of the effect is achieved by using of color therapy. The treatment course consists of 10-15 procedures 1 or 2-3 times a week. I want to thank the Zepter Company for the development and creation of BIOPTRON, which allows us to use it in the clinical practice and achieve the best results”.

Caesarean Section, Post-operative scars, Stretch Marks

I first heard of the effects of the medical use of light therapy more than ten years ago, probably some time in the middle of 2001. I basically started using BIOPTRON immediately in my outpatient work, as well as at Neratovice hospital, where I worked as a secondary doctor on the obstetrics and gynaecology ward until 2009.

“I use BIOPTRON phototherapy, with very good results, both to prevent stretchmarks for pregnant women and to treat post-operative scars, e.g. after a cut to the perineum, a Caesarean section, etc., as well as for breast-feeding mothers. The individual effects of BIOPTRON cannot really be separated from each other in practice, because they supplement each other and have a synergy effect. To put it very simply, we can say that when using phototherapy as prevention against stretchmarks the stimulation effect, which is preferred, is of the greatest use. If phototherapy is indicated in post-operative care, then all effects are obviously utilised—stimulation, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. BIOPTRON helps primarily with chronic inflammation, such as chronic candida albicans or yeast infections, in cases where the mucous membrane is weakened and has a tendency to get inflamed. In this case the stimulation effect of polarised light can have a very positive effect and is indicated as a supplementary treatment. When an inflammation itches, stings or hurts a woman, the analgesic effect is useful. Treatment using BIOPTRON takes place for chronic inflammations over several weeks, usually three to four of them. I have very positive opinion on treating keloid scars using light therapy, because with keloid scars when using a BIOPTRON lamp and suitable ointments we achieve a marked improvement. If treatment is done conscientiously, the keloid weakens (i.e. it loses volume) and loses colour. In this way we achieve a marked aesthetic improvement in the appearance of a keloid scar, which will be appreciated, in particular, by women in the summer, when reddened, wide scars above the skin’s surface attract undesirable attention from other people, for example at the swimming pool. The aim of the treatment is therefore wholly aesthetic—to reduce the volume and degree of the reddening of the scar. The same rule applies here as well: the sooner you start, the better the results are. A keloid scar can obviously be surgically removed, but it is necessary to realise that when it is operated on a new scar comes into being, and if we do not treat this new scar, and if the treatment of the new scar is neglected, it can again become a keloid scar. when treating scars one aspect is the aesthetic side, i.e. the resulting form of the scar, but medical aspects also play a role here, specifically facilitating and accelerating the course of healing. Light therapy significantly helps, in particular, patients who do not heal well, e.g. obese women, where it contributes to easier healing, in particular as prevention of inflammatory complications. It is again necessary to emphasise that from the practical viewpoint that it is important to start healing any scar—not only following a Caesarean section or perineum cut—as soon as possible, ideally right after the procedure. If I am to be more specific and describe the healing process in more detail, then our assumptions are that the primary scar will come into being within a week of the procedure and heal into its final form within approximately a month. And we need the healing process to take place until the fourth week the way we want it, meaning without complications, and to speed up and support the healing processes as much as possible. And the medicinal effects of a BIOPTRON lamp are a significant help in this. Overall we can say that if a scar starts to heal with the help of light therapy immediately after birth, it is then better-looking, i.e. thinner and paler, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of polarised light. I would recommend treatment using BIOPTRON for everybody that needs it. Light therapy is great, in particular, to prevent stretchmarks or when treating all types of scars in general or cracked nipples. My experience of light therapy, going back more than ten years, is very positive. The treatment helps mothers in both medical terms, i.e. it accelerates the healing of their organism, and also helps them psychologically—the women have the feeling that they are doing something for themselves and their health—and last but not least it is also a very good treatment from the economic viewpoint, because it is affordable basically to everybody and saves money otherwise paid from health insurance”.

Dentistry, Dental Implants
I applied BIOPTRON to relieve severe edema and inflammation and reduce pain after surgery of simultaneous implantation of two dental implants.
 I used BIOPTRON for the area of the implanted teeth for 10 minutes every hour during one day. Implantation of the dental implants went well. After the doctor, who made the operation, saw the result, he started to recommend the use of BIOPTRON to other patients”.
Dr. Christian Deperdu
“I use BIOPTRON’S Polarized Light in my anti-aging centre in France, particulary in pre and post injections, Botox, Filters, PRP, mesotherapy, microneeding in order to reduce inflammation and bruising” – Dr. Christian Deperdu, dermatologist and anti-aging treatment specialist
Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic
“Penetrating beams of light from BIOPTRON continuously rebuild collogen beneath the skin’s surface for a more youthful, radiant and refreshed look in just two weeks” – Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic, founder of anti-aging clinic Aesthetic Med.
Mr. Sergey Bubka

“We use the healing power of BIOPTRON in my athletics school for treating sports injuries and promoting higher achievement” – Mr. Sergey Bubka, multiple World and Olympic champion.